You won’t believe me anyway

We’re all pretty confident that we’re open minded people. That we’ll listen to both sides of an argument and evaluate it in an unbiased and fair way. Right? Well, unfortunately we aren’t as flawless as we like to believe and psychology has cast an incredible shadow over our own ability to open ourselves up to new ideas.

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Educating the Educated

There are a lot of beliefs surrounding education and the learning process. Some of which have persisted for many long years. Well after a far longer lifespan than they deserved, I am here to deconstruct the myths surrounding education and hopefully educate a little on the process of education.

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No Copyright Infringement Intended

We’ve all seen it. A video on YouTube, a famous song that someone has put to clips from their favorite TV series. And hidden in the video description, those wonderfully naive words: “No copyright infringement intended”. Now it seems harmless enough and a good way of getting your intention across. You’re in the clear, right?

Well, no. You’re not. That’s not how copyright works. Copyright is one of the more complex legal issues in modern society and I’m not going to be diving into the specifics and intricate workings because, frankly, I’m not qualified to do that. What I can do, however, is dispel a few myths that people seem to have about what counts as infringement. Continue reading “No Copyright Infringement Intended”

You Could Have Clicked “About”

So what is this mysterious site and why has my friend linked me to it? Chances are you made some ridiculous statement about something you thought you knew and it turns out: you’re wrong. We all do it, we think we know how something works and it turns out that our understanding of the world is actually a little screwy. That’s where a bit of cold harsh truth comes in. Continue reading “You Could Have Clicked “About””