You Could Have Clicked “About”

So what is this mysterious site and why has my friend linked me to it? Chances are you made some ridiculous statement about something you thought you knew and it turns out: you’re wrong. We all do it, we think we know how something works and it turns out that our understanding of the world is actually a little screwy. That’s where a bit of cold harsh truth comes in.

This site is a collection of things I have noticed people making mistakes about online, mistakes that could easily have been avoided if people took a few minutes to do a quick search and a fact check. Since it seems that I am one of a small number of people who lack a social life and will actively search for such things, I am compiling them here so that other people don’t have to.

Topics will vary depending on what I’ve noticed and what has infuriated me recently, but are usually related to topical news, quasi-legal issues and just fundamental misunderstandings about life. Hopefully you find where you went wrong and maybe you’ll stick around long enough to read a few articles and learn something else while you’re here.

As a final disclaimer: I’m not here to offend anyone. If you made a mistake about something I talk about here, congratulations: you’re human. We all make mistakes, even I will from time to time, and accepting that is part of the path to happiness. Just take it on the chin, accept where you stuffed up and maybe make a mental note to double check things before you go updating your social media again.


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