This website is a collection of short articles about topics that have enraged me somewhat on the internet. This world wide web of ours is littered with examples of people expressing what they believe is true without a single shred of evidence. And in most cases, five minutes quickly strolling through the first page of results on Google will quickly show you the error of their ways.

And yet, I have found that more and more, people do not fact check things they see or hear. They accept what they know, or what others claim to know, on face value. Google is only a few keystrokes away, a wealth of information and yet that desire to be sure is waning fast.

Keyboard warrior that I am, I wade deep into internet debates, armed with my trusty hyperlinks and extensive Google search history to fight my battles. I have no medals or commendations, but my work is a reward of its own. If but one person accepts that they are human, accepts that their information was wrong, then this has all been worth it.

A few things to note: I have a degree in Performance and Media. I am not a lawyer, a doctor, a politician or other such professional. Do not take everything I say as gospel truth, because SPOILER ALERT: I am human too. I will make mistakes. I will explain things poorly. I will err in my fight and I am to be corrected when I do. (There’s a mighty handy “Contact” page where you can point out those mistakes if you like, I invite you to take FULL advantage).

I will also include sources for everything I talk about so that you can do a little digging yourself. I will try to explain things in as simple a way as I can, but there’s nothing quite like going to the source for yourself and seeing where it all starts. And if you’re still itching for more, if you still think you’re right or you merely want to see how far the rabbit hole goes: there’s always our helpful little friend.

I’ll just leave a link here: Google